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Produced by Stan Stanford, D.M.A.

Professor Emeritus of Clarinet and Music History, Portland State University

Collector of Wind-Up Phonographs, Old Records and Cylinders

This site contains information about clarinet music, clarinet recordings and wind-up phonographs.   There is also information about several  compact disc recordings that are available for purchase as well as opportunities for hiring our professional musicians..   We also will help you evaluate any  phonographs that you may own.   Our newest link has phonographs and related items for sale:  PhonoSale

Stan Stanford, Trio Spektrum, Mozart Trio  (Solo and Ensemble Performance Information)
Updated: November, 2021

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Antique Phonographs
  (April 11, 2021)
In this section you will find pictures of Columbia, Victor and Edison  phonographs dating from 1895 until 1925.  Phonographs and Cabinets have been recently added for both Victor and Columbia.  

                                   Phonographs from the Victor Room                                                   
Children's Phonographs  (March 13, 2021)
This section includes pictures of wind-up phonographs designed for children.   
Victor 1-2, Alladin; Penny Gramophone

Other Phonographs  (December 21, 2020)
Here you will find rare and unusual phonographs and cabinets.  I have added many new ones including record cabinets, a music box and a Brunswick Talking Machine with Japanese decoration.

Other Phonographs Continued (July 30, 2020)  More rare and unusual phonographs and related items.  Check out the Edison Coin-Op Eclipse and Sonora Supreme and Sonora Art Model (Below)

Tinfoil Phonograph:  1878 Graphic; 1994 Replica of 1877 Kreusi Phonograph by Mirek Stehlik (Canada)

Phonograph Sale Oregon (August 5, 2022)  Phonographs and related items for sale.             

What is my phonograph worth?   If you have an old phonograph and wish to know its value or wish to sell it, please contact us.
 We can also help you find a repair service.  

Early Clarinet Recordings
 (November 21, 2021)
This section is for those interested in early clarinet recordings.  Here you will find a list of recordings in my possession made by various artists on cylinder and disc from about 1892 until 1949.  This is by no means a complete list of material recorded during this time, but is representative of the kind of  music that was recorded.    Please see Acoustic Clarinet Recordings, a compact disc recording edited from cylinders and discs in this section.   A second compact disc recording, Masters of the Clarinet,  featuring additional pieces from this list is available from Archeophone Records (

clarinet recordings

Compact Disc Recordings and Film (Updated: Oct 25, 2011)
Here you will find compact disc recordings for sale.  Just availble from Clarphon or Archeophone Records ( is Masters of the Clarinet. Please see information on the Compact Disc Recording page.  Other  recordings include Acoustic Clarinet Recordings  which I edited.  This compact disc of recordings from cylinders and discs was transferred by Glenn Sage ( ).    Other recordings include CDs where I am involved as a performer.   Please check out the new documentary film, Finders Keepers (The Heart of Collecting), by Patrick Rosenkranz which includes a section on phonographs (    

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