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(Updated: September 11, 2017)

All phonographs on this page are available at Clarphon plus packing and shipping.  Ask about our free shipping to the Union Show near Chicago, or the APS Show in Buena Park, CA.   We try to describe items carefully, but please ask us if you have questions.   Sold Items may remain on page until payment received.    You may contact us: or Phone: 971-570-6649

Columbia Eclipse ($150)
This Grafonola is all original except for new turntable felt.   It plays loud and clear.

Edison Fireside Model B ($795)
Very nice machine with original cygnet horn and crane.  Phonograph has wonderful playing Model N reproducer. 
Machine plays 4 minute cylinders.

Edison Diamond Disc A-100 ($185)
This beautiful oak phonograph plays great.   Price includes 12 Edison Diamond Disc records. 

Victor MS ($1875, $2875)
Beautiful early Victor Talking Machine with Brass Bell Horn ($1875) or Oak Spear Point Horn ($2875)

Victor Victrola: VI ($195)
Very early Victrola VI (ca. 1912) with rarer 10" turntable.

Victor Victrola: VIII ($225)
Near mint condition Victrola in beautiful oak case.


Unmarked Small Phonograph ($95)
This small phonograph has no visible marking and was probably made for a large company like Sears.   It was
probably manufactured just before 1920.    Plays great.

Large Mahogany Record Cabinet ($325)
Refinished Cabinet has needle holder on the inside of dorr and drawer at bottom.
Good size for any moderate to large Victor
or Columbia Tallking Machine.
SaleRC1.JPG SaleRC2.JPG  

Other Phonographs, Horns (Pictures Soon)
Edison Fireside A with K Reproducer
Victor MS with Oak Spear Point Horn

Currently we have several Victor and RCA Nipper Dogs for sale.     They include salt-pepper shakers, 4" chalk dogs.   Please call the number below for more information and what is in stock.   We always have steel needles for sale:   100 needles for $5.   These are made especially for collectors.  We also have reproduction and original horns. 
   Call 971-570-6649 for more information.  We are located in Portland, Oregon.