Masters of the Clarinet, 1892-1920
This is a compilation of recordings from cylinders and discs that have been selected by Stan Stanford and Richard Martin and just published by
Archeophone Records,  Champaign, Illinois in  April, 2010.   The CD includes a 23 page booklet with historical information about the pieces and
and performers.   The CD is avialable at Clarphon or from Archeophone Records:

 The Acoustic Era Clarinet Recordings, 1898-1918

This is a compilation of early discs and cylinder recordings that have been selected  by Stan Stanford and transferred by Glenn Sage ( ).    Please see contents  below.

Contents:      26 Recordings transferred from cylinders and discs.  Including performances by the following:   William Tuson, Pierre Leo, George Ruble, Antonio Giammateo, August Stengler, George McNeice, Leo Madaer, Charles Draper, Felix Vivier, and the Renard Clarinet Quartet.

 The Music of Eastern Europe  (Available from Centaur Records only)
Ensemble Viento (Marilyn Shotola, flute; Karen Strand, oboe; Stan Stanford, clarinet; Larry Johnson, horn; Gordon Solie, bassoon), Faculty Woodwind Quintet at Portland State University has produced this wonderful recording of woodwind chamber music.  Contents are below.

Contents:  Suite for Woodwind Quintet       Leonid Sabaneyev
                    Suite on Estonaian Themes        Johan Zeiger
                    Woodwind Trio                             Tomas Svoboda
                    Three Moravian Dances              Leos Janacek
                    Wind Quintet No. 3                      Frigyes Hidas

Music from Bohemia
Trio Spektrum (Marilyn Shotola, flute; Stan Stanford, Clarinet; Tomas Svoboda, piano) from Portland State University has produced this CD of music from the Czech Republic.

Contents:      Sonatine, Op, 154                                Tomas Svoboda
                        Trio in Bb, Op. 1, No. 4                      Josef Myslivecek
                        Winter Solstice                                   Jan Malek
                        Theme and Variations, Op. 142        Tomas Svoboda
                        Four Renaissance Miniatures           Jarolslav Krcek

Dreams of a Dancer
Trio Spektrum has just produced their second compact disk recording featuring a variety of compostions for Flute, Clarinet and Piano as well as pieces for Clarinet and Piano and Flute and Piano.  

Contents:            Dreams of a Dancer                                Tomas Svoboda
                             Suite, Op. 56                                             Cesar Cui
                             Dance Preludes (Clarinet and Piano)  Witold Lutoslawski   
                             Le Calme de la Mer                                 Tony Aubin
                             Masks (Flute and Piano)                        Katherine Hoover
                            Tarentelle, Op. 6                                      Camille Saint-Saens     

The cost for each compact disc recordings is $16 plus $3 for shipping and handling.  Purchase of 5 or more of each entitles one to a discount.   The CD, Music of Eastern Europe is available from Centaur Records only.     You may contact Centaur Records online.    For more information and order instructions please inquire to: