Other Phonographs and Cabinets
Updated:  October 7, 2022
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Climax Talking Machine, c. 1908

Victor Auxetophone, 1908   
Auxetophone.jpg           auxetophone5.jpg
As found in 2000 in Milwaukie, Oregon                                        As restored      

Model J, 1898
Berliner1.JPG Berliner2.JPG  
Berliner3.JPG Berliner4.JPG

Zonophone A, 1901 and Zonophone Concert, 1905
Zono2.jpg     Zono7.jpg     

Zonophone Concert Grand, c. 1903

Zonophone Grand Opera, c. 1906

Edison Home with Hawthorne and Sheble Cabinet, 1898

Herzog Cabinets for Disk and Cylinder Talking Machines
Herzog3.JPG     Herzogc3.JPG    

Regina Hexaphone, 1909

Brunswick, Model 127 with  Japanese Lacquer Decoration (2 Views), 1918
Brunswick1.JPG   Brunswick2.JPG    

Heywood Wakefield, c. 1918

Salter Cabinet (2 Views), about 1908
Salter2.JPG   Salter1.JPG    

Kalmazoo Duplex, Kalmazoo, Michigan, 1908, Original Price:  29.85
Duplex1.JPG Duplex2.JPG
Duplex3.JPG Duplex4.JPG

Talk-O-Phone, c. 1903-1909
Booke and Clarke Models

Talk-O-Phone Sousa,  c. 1908

 Keen-O-Phone, c. 1918

Lewis Phonograph for Stammerers

Record and Cylinder Cabinets
cab03.jpg cab45.jpg Salter.JPG CylCab2.JPG