Children's Phonographs
Updated:  March 13, 2021
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Most of the following phonographs date from  the late teens through the 1920s.    A few date from after 1950 and some are  before 1910.

The Stollwerck Chocolate maker (still exists in Cologne, Germany today) made at least 2 different phonographs (1903, 1904).   The first played
chocolate records, the second played a record made of cardboard and covered in wax.   This is the second version.

Penny Tin Gramophone (c. 1904)

Bing Phonograph:   Bingola I (c. 1920s)

Bing Phonographs:  Bingola I and Bingola II (c. 1920s)
Bingola%20I.JPG Bingola%20II.JPG

Bing Phonographs:  Kiddyphone and Valoretta (c. 1920s)
Kiddyphone.JPG Valoretta.JPG  

Bing Phonographs: 3 Pygmyphones (c. 1920s)
PygmyGreen.JPG Pygmy6.JPG

Bingophone II (c. 1920s)

Unmarked Manufacturers:   Probably German Made (c. 1920s)
Beauty.JPG Unknown1.JPG

Chad Valley (c. 1940s) and Coronet Phonograph (c. 1920s)

Nifty Narona and E.D.L. Phonographs (c. 1920s)
Nifty%20Narona.JPG E.D.L..JPG

Marx Phonograph and Pixie Phone (c. 1940s)
Marx.JPG Pixie%20Phone.JPG

Jack and Jill and Upright Baby Phonographs (c. 1920s)
Jack%20&%20Jill.JPG BabyUp.JPG

Genola Phonographs (c. 1920s)
GenolaGreen.JPG GenolaRed.JPG

Little Wonder Phonograph and Victor 1-2 (Alladin)
Littlewonder.JPG Vicchilds.JPG

Carola (Not Sold as a Child's Phonograph) (c. 1918)
Carola2.JPG Carola1.JPG  

General Phonograph Company, Elyria Ohio, Deluxe Model (c. 1920s)
GenDeluxe1.JPG GenDeluxe2.JPG  

Baby Table Model and Unmarked Tin Phonograph (c. 1920s)

Gamaphone and Leonard Muller (c. 1920s)

Keimola and Lemiphone (c. 1920s)

3 RCA 45rpm Children's Phonographs
Alice in Wonderland, Snow White, Ding-Dong School (c. 1950s)