Children's Phonographs
Updated:  January 16, 2021
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Most of the following phonographs date from  the late teens through the 1920s.    A few date from after 1950 and some are  before 1910.

The Stollwerck Chocolate maker (still exists in Cologne, Germany today) made at least 2 different phonographs (1903, 1904).   The first played
chocolate records, the second played a record made of cardboard and covered in wax.   This is the second version.

Penny Tin Gramophone

Bing Phonograph:   Bingola I

Bing Phonographs:  Bingola I and Bingola II
Bingola%20I.JPG Bingola%20II.JPG

Bing Phonographs:  Kiddyphone and Valoretta
Kiddyphone.JPG Valoretta.JPG  

Bing Phonographs: 3 Pygmyphones
PygmyGreen.JPG Pygmy6.JPG

Bingophone II

Unmarked Manufacturers:   Probably German Made
Beauty.JPG Unknown1.JPG

Chad Valley and Coronet Phonographs

Nifty Narona and E.D.L. Phonographs
Nifty%20Narona.JPG E.D.L..JPG

Marx Phonograph and Pixie Phone
Marx.JPG Pixie%20Phone.JPG

Jack and Jill and Upright Baby Phonographs
Jack%20&%20Jill.JPG BabyUp.JPG

Genola Phonographs
GenolaGreen.JPG GenolaRed.JPG

Little Wonder Phonograph and Victor 1-2 (Alladin)
Littlewonder.JPG Vicchilds.JPG

Carola (Not Sold as a Child's Phonograph)
Carola2.JPG Carola1.JPG  

General Phonograph Company, Elyria Ohio, Deluxe Model
GenDeluxe1.JPG GenDeluxe2.JPG  

Baby Table Model and Unmarked Tin Phonograph

Gamaphone and Leonard Muller

Keimola and Lemiphone